Hand-made concertina book. 2014


The free market is a cleverly established economic system which stimulates the senses of a consumer society in all kinds of ways. We need security, leisure, beauty, health and good reputation. The catalyst is the ‘individual taste’ – or in Jean Baudrillard words ‘the human body’ – needs want to be ceaselessly satisfied. Striving to be unique, we compete, we copy and we consume objects to throw them away again on the run to purchase the next ones.

Living in a controlled short-dated abundance of materialism, durability and non material principles do not apply to the collective body of a Western philosophy. There is just no time for such.

The forest as a symbol refers to birth, to life and death, to the real and to the ficticious. As a concept the forest signifies an infinite space where tales, imaginations and emotions are inherent within the collective mind. Physically the forest implies a powerful place for inspirations, clarity and activity on a spiritual level. For Dave Moore, the forest is his home.

In 2001 Dave decided to live a lifestyle away from society, where he now maintains his agroforest on a non profit basis. An agroforest is a method which combines food production with a managed woodland. Aware of husbanding resources, Dave lives there all year round and sustains himself with power, fruits and nuts, water and firewood which are available from the forest.

Feeling uncomfortable in civic concrete worlds or with other people, Dave turned his back on the capitalistic delusion. At the same time he can’t retreat from the economic dependency inherent within the system (consumerism, registrations and ownership). Dave’s endeavour isn’t to deny the freemarket or the supply and demand network. His emphasis is primarily on long term processes, such as the preservation of his woodland for the next generation on non profit principals. Without the comforts of security, leisure, health and safety regulations Dave lives a lifestyle within a natural environment, aware of all its consequences.

Dave’s resolve to drop out of the consumer society
derives primarily from the fact that nature provides most of what he needs to survive. Dave is basically a non materialistic individual who has strong spiritual principles such as love for the world we inhabit.

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