I am a Swiss photographer and print designer currently researching on new project in India. 

My practical work revolves around contextualising the human relationship with nature and how a place can be shaped over time. Making use of documentary photography elements in order to create narratives of a larger, more complex subject, I am a former student of the University of the Arts in Zurich, yet graduated from the University of South Wales from the Documentary Photography course in Newport. Studying abroad has enabled me to have a discoursive cultural, environmental and linguistic exchange and has also shaped my photographic and personal development mainly inspired by the Welsh landscape and by its residents. 

In 2015, I was awarded the international Espy Photography Award for the project The Black Crows of Borth, a continuing photographic project that focuses on the maritime past of Borth, a coastal village in mid Wales, and draws a parallel between the contemporary and the historical matriarchal society of this place. Interested in how the raw natural environment reflects a socio-cultural identity of a place, I have combined landscape with portrait photography in order to delve into the relationship between the two. 

I previously showcased my works in Switzerland at the Coalmine: Forum für Dokumentar Fotografie in Winterthur; in Wales at the Penrallt Gallery, Machynlleth and at the Millennium Centre, Cardiff; and in England at St. Katherine Docks, London.