Wenn die Luft plötzlich aus.

October, 2017

«Wenn die Luft plötzlich aus» in English means «if the air runs out, suddenly». This project represents a collection of analogue photographs and abstract factual and personal texts written in German during a journey into the blistering wild.

The work draws a line between research, stories, encounters and dreams. It reflects upon gained experiences and knowledge while working within an unfamiliar social, geographical and political environment, the Atacama Desert.

This project is part of a three week self-led Artist Residency by «La Wayaka Current» in the Atacma Desert in late October 2017. 

The project has been exhibited during the group exhibition «Wild Within» in London at GUEST PROJECT Gallery in August 2018.

White Gold

Before the Pacific War, Northern Chile belonged to Bolivia. The Atacama desert is enclosed by the Andes in the Northeast and the coastal cordilleras in the West and is known for being the driest desert in the world.

Where the only constants are heat and drought there exists an indigenous people sustaining life. The Atacameños shape the vast arid landscape with their Inca-adapted irrigation systems, sustainable agriculture, animals and folklore.

Since the invasion of the Spanish in the 16th century the desert has been culturally and environmentally exploited. «White Gold», or Lithium, is the valuable manufactured crystallised mineral of today with over 14,000 tonnes being produced, mainly for the car and computer industry.

Hand-made book with analoge photographs and folding-out pages.